State Soccer Shootout

Greetings fellow ELKS. Quick reminder the State Soccer Shootout is fast approaching. It is October 4th in Blackfoot I need to know how many participates (top 3 in each division) and volunteers your lodge is sending. If hotel rooms are needed I need a name of an adult to list the room under for Friday night. Please get me this information ASAP no later than Tuesday the 23rd so I can finalize all arrangements. Day events are shoot begins at 10:30 am at the soccer fields next to the state hospital as previously stated in my letter. Lunch and awards to follow at lodge. I also need when you can get to me your reports(how many total participates, volunteers, etc.) form is in manual I sent. If you have any questions please email me(best way to communicate) or give me a call (208) 761-7237 and I will return with an response as soon as possible. Please let me know either way if your lodge is sending anyone or not. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Fraternally Yours,
Cristena Ford
State Soccer Chairman

Good Afternoon below are the state soccer results from Blackfoot who did a wonderful job hosting. I am hoping if you got any photos that you will please share will so all of us can post for various websites/bugles/newspapers. Thanks Cristena

U-8 Girls

1st Dacie Cameron of Blackfoot
2nd Samantha Cottrell of Blackfoot
3rd Michelle Trueba of Mountain Home

U-8 Boys

1st Carter Pedroza of Mountain Home
2nd Christian Dominquez of Mountain Home
3rd German Rojo of Mountain Home

U-10 Girls

1st Selah Batacan of Blackfoot
2nd Genevieve Gerling of Idaho Falls
3rd Elizabeth Martinez of Mountain Home

U-10 Boys

1st Justin Forbes of Mountain Home
2nd Hector Flores of Blackfoot
3rd Matthew Staker of Idaho Falls

U-12 Girls

1st Jocelyn Flores of Blackfoot
2nd Ember Torres of Blackfoot
3rd Julissa Flores of Blackfoot

U-12 Boys

1st Emanual Bartolo of Blackfoot
2nd Shawn Martinez Jr of Mountain Home
3rd Jaden Staker of Idaho Falls

U-14 Girls

1st Amber Forbes of Mountain Home
2nd Kelly Atriano of Blackfoot
3rd Rebecca Craig of Mountain Home

U-14 Boys

1st Jacob Herrboldt of Mountain Home
2nd Chris Batacan of Blackfoot
3rd Nicolas Quezada of Blackfoot