Elks National Home

Now is your chance. For the first time in quite awhile there are several vacancies in the apartments at the Elks National Home. There are single rooms and suites available as well. So, if you are interested in residency or even in getting more information for the future, please call or e-mail the Home. It doesn’t cost you a thing to check it out. Just call 1-800-552-4140 or e-mail enhome[at]elkshome[dot]org. They will be glad to talk with you and answer your questions. More information is also available at www.elkshome.org.

We have vacancies at this time for individuals or couples. There are single rooms and, also, some of the renovated apartments. Anyone who is interested can e-mail us at enhome[at]elkshome[dot]org or call 1-800-552-4140.

Dr. Ronald L. Plamondon
Executive Director
Elks National Home
931 Ashland Avenue
Bedford, VA 24523