BOISE - The 2006 Idaho Legislature enacted a new special interest license plate program to generate funds to be used by the Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital. The program will specifically benefit specialized areas, including pediatrics, brain injury, stroke, hearing and balance, the Wound Clinic, and physical, speech and occupational therapies.

This new plate went on sale on Sept. 24 at local county automobile licensing offices.

An initial program fee of $35 will be charged when the plate is first purchased, with each subsequent renewal costing $25. These program fees are in addition to all other applicable annual registration fees, county administrative fees, and plate fees. All but $10 of the special program fees goes to the Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital in Boise.

This new license plate may only be displayed on passenger vehicles, light trucks with a gross vehicle weight of up to 26,000 pounds, motorhomes, and camper trailers (excluding horse, car, and cargo trailers with living facilities).

These special plates also can be personalized with up to five letters and/ or numbers. The cost to personalize these plates is $25 in addition to both the special program fees and all other required annual registration and plate fees. The renewal fee for a personalized plate is an additional $15 per year.

Individuals also can purchase sample versions of the Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital license plates from the Idaho Transportation Department for $30. Twenty dollars of each sample plate sale goes to the plates special interest fund. Sample plates can be personalized at no additional cost; these plates cannot be displayed on motor vehicles, but they do make unique gifts for friends and family.

Standard issue, sequentially numbered, Elks Rehabilitation Hospital license plates are only available at county assessors offices after they go on sale. Personalized and sample plates also can only be purchased after the plates go on sale by mail, by fax, or online from the Idaho Transportation Department office in Boise at the following web site - . All future renewals for the new plates will be processed at county automobile licensing offices.

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