Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Time: Following Lodge Meeting at approximately 7:45 p.m.
Details: ER Brian’s locks are being donated to Locks of Love.
Want to help relieve him of his locks?
Sections will be auctioned off to the highest bidders.
All money collected will be contributed to
this year’s Dictionary Fund!
A light supper will follow.


Good morning fellow Elk's. Just a quick reminder the state soccer shootout is October 6, 2012 in Blackfoot at 10:30 a.m. at the soccer fields next to the state hospital; with awards and lunch to follow. Please send your top 3 in each division. If your lodge needs overnight lodging I need to know how many rooms and the names of the at least one person to reserve under. Also all Elk's are welcome to attend and support our youth. If you have an estimated head count please let me know. Email address is:, cell 208-761-7237 if I don't please leave a message and I will return it in the evening.

Cristena Ford
State Soccer Chairman

My Fellow Americans,

All the forms should be out to all the Lodges for the Americanism Essay. Remember this year there will not be a Grand Lodge Award for Essays but we will operate with the State Budget for our prizes on the District levels as well as the State. If any Lodge who wishes to compete but did not get packets with the rules and forms let me know at tomt909[at]yahoo[dot]com Or telephone me at 208-863-9286 and I will make sure you will get what you need.

As we go in to our final stages before the National election, it is interesting that some people you assumed would be voting a certain way, is not always the case. As Americans we need to vote our conscience as is our right as American citizens. The important decision of all is that we use our rights and vote.

United we stand, divided we fall! As Lodges as we go through these tough time, let’s all unite behind one major cause and that cause should be that we all help each other as Lodges gain membership, lend support to a lodge that is struggling, by participating in some of their events and lending special ideas that have worked for our particular Lodge. Americanism is a committee to help spark patriotism to all communities
that they never forget that we distinctively American, united under one flag, the American flag, with committees designed to take care of our Vets and never forget them, to love our leader God, to vote our rights, to display our American Flag and show respect and honor it by retiring it properly, and show our communities what patriotism is all about.

God Bless you All! God Bless our veterans both young and elderly! God bless our beloved Country, America!

Fraternally and Respectfully,
Tom Tuttle- State Elks Americanism Chairman

Dear Lodge Members,

This is just a reminder for the Food Caravan. We are going to have a special guest cook who is going to prepare our meal this week on Friday, Sept 7th. Dinner starts at 6pm. Dancing will start at 8pm. We will be selling 50/50 tickets, and a Silent Auction will be going on. If possible, please call for reservations for large parties.

His name is Chef Mark Wilkerson. He received his formal, culinary training from Western Culinary in Portland, OR after receiving his certificate in Hospitality Management from Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. He is a ServSafe certified and an alumni of the American Culinary Federation-Idaho Chefs de Cuisine chapter. He LOVES to cook! More importantly he loves to cook with quality ingredients & prepare the food the way it is meant to be prepared; allowing the natural flavors of the food to surface, enhance them, compliment them, but never cover them up.

The menu is going to consist of:


  • Prime Rib or Shrimp
  • Baked Potato or Rice
  • Green Beans w/slivered Almonds
  • Fresh Salad Bar


  • Peach Cobbler

The cost is $17.00 and this does include the cost of the Live Band

Dancing only-$5.00

“Country Sunshine”

Also, we are going to have a Silent Auction & 50/50. All proceeds go to the Elks Rehab Hospital. We are asking for your support for your hospital. Come down & have a relaxing evening & enjoy some dancing & fun.

Thank you for all your Support!
Nampa Elks #1389

P.S. Remember Saturday, Sept 8th at 8am we will meet at the Nampa Lodge and then caravan to the Boise Lodge.

Several changes have been made at Grand Lodge! One of those changes is how the Americanism Committee is now listed. We are now under the title of the Fraternal Committee. I was not sure how even Grand Lodge wanted to continue with the Americanism Essay contest. They do want to continue and have issued theme "What does the National Anthem mean to me?" There have been some changes on the prizes for the contest. Grand Lodge will no longer give out prizes but have left this up to the State to give out the rewards. In Idaho we have a budget to honor the State and District awards. The contest has the same rules with 250 words or less, cover sheets etc. Our District chairmen are Ralph West from the East, Candy Birchmier from the North and Bill Washam from the South. I will continue to be the State Chairman. I have changed my address which is 2460 Canal Street Apt.102, Bosie with the zip code of 83705. My phone number is a Cell # 206-863-9286. My e-mail is the same tomt909@ Ralph, Candy, and Bill Washam should have the same phones as list in the Directory. Since not all Lodge chairman have the same Americanism Essay Chairman as listed, I have asked theDistrict Chairmen to get the correct name and stats, I have asked the District Chairmen to get this information for me, so I can send out packets for the contest. If you could email me this information from your Lodge or telephone me, this will help speed up the search.

A lot of changes have been happening in our Lodge system which a part of our changing times. Work with Grand Lodge and all will work out for our betterment. Our commitment to our communities in stress patriotism is still the same which is needed more than ever. We still must honor our vets, fly our flag with pride, honor our God, and teach this lesson to our fellow Americans. In looking at the Olympic it made me proud how Athletes show such pride in our County. The pride is still there!

God Bless you all!
God bless America!

Tom Tuttle- Elks Americanism Chairman

At the Pocatello Veterans Home - Sponsored by the Elks East District

Saturday, August 11th

Arrive at 4:30 pm Dinner at 5:30 pm

Blackfoot will provide steaks, Coors Light and Budweiser for the Residents. We will also furnish some side dishes, paper plates, etc.

We will be need hamburgers and hotdogs with buns, baked beans, salads, desserts, fruit, rolls and any BBQ items you can think of. We also need soda, water, and more beer. Please bring pop up tents if you have them and lawn chairs.

The residents always need t-shirts for men and women sizes medium to 3-XL and socks. Food for the kitchen # 10 cans of veggies, fruit, boxed spuds and/or baked potatoes. Shower items such as: electric razors, shampoo, conditioner, combs, shaving cream, etc.

We will be serving 75 residents and their guests plus the Elk volunteers. You will have a chance to meet some great men and women who love to have visitors, so come and support our goal to getting our district involved at the Pocatello Veterans Home.

As I receive information I will pass it along, but please feel free to contact me with any questions at any time. Cell 208-680-0600 or (W) 785-5674 or

Fraternally yours,

Lori J. Marvin,
Veterans Chairman, Blackfoot Lodge # 1416

On February 15, at a meeting in Palm Springs, Calif., the ENF Board of Trustees approved appropriations and distributions for the 2012-13 fiscal year totaling a record $23.6 million.

Program-Related Grants & Appropriations


Community Investments Program

Appropriated $6.5 million for the Community Investments Program to invest directly in Lodge communities. This includes the addition of Beacon Grants, $1,000 grants available to every Lodge for an ongoing, Elks-driven community project. To learn more about the Community Investments Program, visit

State Grants

Granted $7.7 million to the state Elks associations through State Charities Grants, Special Project Grants and Bonus Grants. These grants help fund each state’s major charitable projects, which include aid for people with disabilities, cancer research, children’s hospitals, youth camps, and providing safe havens for abused families. In addition, portions of these grants help fund state Drug Awareness, Hoop Shoot, Veterans Service and scholarship programs, as well as other projects that best extend a state’s philanthropic outreach. To find out how the ENF is helping your state, visit


Most Valuable Student

Designated $2.296 million for 500 four-year scholarships for the 2013-14 through 2016-17 academic years.

Legacy Awards

Designated $1 million to fund up to 250 four-year, $4,000 scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Elks who have been members in good standing for at least two years.

Emergency Educational Grants

Reserved $300,000 for one-year educational grants to the children of deceased or totally disabled Elks who wish to obtain or further their college education. For more information about our scholarship programs, including eligibility, deadlines, and opportunities for Elks scholars throughout college and beyond, visit


Elks National Veterans Service Commission

Granted $1.135 million to fund the Order’s Veterans Service Program, which provides aid and comfort for America’s veterans. For more information on the Veterans Service Commission, visit

Elks Veterans Memorial Maintenance

Granted $667,472 to maintain the Elks Veterans Memorial in Chicago.


Elks National Hoop Shoot® Free Throw Program

Appropriated $748,055 to fund the Elks’ national free throw program, encouraging youth to lead healthy and active lifestyles. For more information on the Hoop Shoot, visit

Elks Drug Awareness Program

Appropriated $676,650 to completely fund the Elks Drug Awareness Program, which promotes constructive and cooperative solutions to youth substance abuse through education. For more information on the Drug Awareness Program, visit


Allocated $135,000 for miscellaneous grants, including the Gunther & Lee Weigel Medical School Scholarship and a $25,000 Give-Back Grant to be awarded during the Elks National Convention.

Fundamental Appropriations

Fundamental Expenditures

Appropriated $1.9 million to help fund the day-to-day operations of the Foundation’s Chicago office. Our fundamental expenses are far below the Better Business Bureau’s standard for charities of 35 percent of total spending.

Programs Management

Allotted $461,150 to administer the Foundation’s programs and evaluation efforts.


Headline news: Local Food Pantry in Desperate Need of Support; Students Seeking Safe Place to Gather after School; Homelessness among Veterans on the Rise.

In a world where newspapers are full of dark stories of struggling people, communities across the country are seeking relief.

Headline news: Elks Are a Beacon of Hope for Struggling Communities.

Now, every Elks community can see the light.

Starting on July 1, every Lodge will be eligible to apply for a $1,000 Beacon Grant, the newest component of the Community Investments Program.

“These grants offer Lodges a chance to expand their charitable activities, and to make a difference in the community through an ongoing project,” says ENF Director Jim O’Kelley. “That’s the key; we want to fund ongoing projects, not one-time activities. We want the community to identify your Lodge with your project and know that the Elks are a force for positive change.”

Bring light to your community’s news. Visit for details on Beacon Grants and the Community Investments Program.

Through the Elks National Foundation’s Community Investments Program, Elks Lodges can apply for grants to serve their communities in ways that address local needs. In 2012-13, the ENF will invest up to $6.5 million in Elks communities through Community Investments Program grants. To learn more, visit

Attachment Size
Elks National Foundation 2012-2013 Grants and Appropriations.pdf 3.24 MB

It is now official the name of the Committee and the Scholarship is The Student of the Year Scholarship.

I encourage each of you to go to every DD Clinic in your areas and talk up the scholarship. If you need me to personally come to a DD Clinic in your Area let me know so I can be there for you.

I am hoping to do a break out session at the Winter Convention in Salmon on the scholarships and how to get students to apply.

I have gotten some really good replies about my presentation at the Summer Convention. I am hoping people are going back to their Lodges to get the scholarships for next year.

Julia Franklin

The Betty Hise Trust for Cancer Research is a non-profit organization created as a program for Oregon and Idaho ladies and Elks to promote and generate ongoing funds for the research and treatment of cancer. All funds raised go directly to the Betty Hise Trust for Cancer Research. The money is held in trust and is invested. The goal is to raise enough money to donate larger and larger sums to the research effort.

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