ISEA Officers Directory and the Lodge Committee Chairperson’s directory


Incoming 2011-2012 Exalted Ruler and Lodge Secretary

I am in charge of putting together the ISEA Officers Directory and the Lodge Committee Chairperson’s directory for the upcoming year. I really need your help in completing this for the summer convention. There are two forms to fill in, one is for next years Officers and the other is for next years Committee chairpersons for your lodge. Could you please fill in the forms and return them to me by March 30th. I would also like you to check the information concerning the Lodge charter date and meeting times.

I will also be sending an email to each lodge with this information and electronic copies of the forms if you would prefer to complete them electronically. If you would prefer to send the information to me electronically, please email me at caldmorgan[at]hotmail[dot]com. The officer’s form is pretty straight forward. On the committee chairman form please fill free to add any committees that you feel are important to your lodge and may be useful to other lodges that may want to start similar programs.

Please include any email addresses for your officers or chairpersons that are available, since most people prefer the speed and ease of the internet. I would especially like the email address for your Lodge, secretary and/or incoming ER so that I can get the information back to you in a timely manner for proof-reading.

Electronic copies of the forms will also be available on the State web page. You can fill out your forms and submit them online and they will be sent to me automatically. Submit Your Forms Here

I will be unavailable from Feb 11th until March 5th for any questions, but I will be happy to answer any questions as soon as I get home on March 5th. You can call me 208-785-6011 or 208-604-1915 if you have any questions.

After I get all of your information entered into the directory I will send you a copy to proof read before final printing.

Even if you don’t have the complete list yet, please send me what you have so that I can get started on putting it together. There will be time available to make any corrections before the final version is printed if I can get the information soon.

Also I would ask each incoming ER or secretary to check the list of Past DD’s listed in the bulletin from last year to see if any changes need to be made for this year.

Please help me to get this completed by sending your information as soon a possible. I need to get it to the printer by May 1st.

I have included the pages from last years directories to help you in gathering your information, since a lot of the same names will be in the new directories.


Cal Morgan caldmorgan[at]hotmail[dot]com
ISEA Officer Directory Committee Chairman