Americanism Message September 2012

Several changes have been made at Grand Lodge! One of those changes is how the Americanism Committee is now listed. We are now under the title of the Fraternal Committee. I was not sure how even Grand Lodge wanted to continue with the Americanism Essay contest. They do want to continue and have issued theme "What does the National Anthem mean to me?" There have been some changes on the prizes for the contest. Grand Lodge will no longer give out prizes but have left this up to the State to give out the rewards. In Idaho we have a budget to honor the State and District awards. The contest has the same rules with 250 words or less, cover sheets etc. Our District chairmen are Ralph West from the East, Candy Birchmier from the North and Bill Washam from the South. I will continue to be the State Chairman. I have changed my address which is 2460 Canal Street Apt.102, Bosie with the zip code of 83705. My phone number is a Cell # 206-863-9286. My e-mail is the same tomt909@ Ralph, Candy, and Bill Washam should have the same phones as list in the Directory. Since not all Lodge chairman have the same Americanism Essay Chairman as listed, I have asked theDistrict Chairmen to get the correct name and stats, I have asked the District Chairmen to get this information for me, so I can send out packets for the contest. If you could email me this information from your Lodge or telephone me, this will help speed up the search.

A lot of changes have been happening in our Lodge system which a part of our changing times. Work with Grand Lodge and all will work out for our betterment. Our commitment to our communities in stress patriotism is still the same which is needed more than ever. We still must honor our vets, fly our flag with pride, honor our God, and teach this lesson to our fellow Americans. In looking at the Olympic it made me proud how Athletes show such pride in our County. The pride is still there!

God Bless you all!
God bless America!

Tom Tuttle- Elks Americanism Chairman