Americanism Message October 2012

My Fellow Americans,

All the forms should be out to all the Lodges for the Americanism Essay. Remember this year there will not be a Grand Lodge Award for Essays but we will operate with the State Budget for our prizes on the District levels as well as the State. If any Lodge who wishes to compete but did not get packets with the rules and forms let me know at tomt909[at]yahoo[dot]com Or telephone me at 208-863-9286 and I will make sure you will get what you need.

As we go in to our final stages before the National election, it is interesting that some people you assumed would be voting a certain way, is not always the case. As Americans we need to vote our conscience as is our right as American citizens. The important decision of all is that we use our rights and vote.

United we stand, divided we fall! As Lodges as we go through these tough time, let’s all unite behind one major cause and that cause should be that we all help each other as Lodges gain membership, lend support to a lodge that is struggling, by participating in some of their events and lending special ideas that have worked for our particular Lodge. Americanism is a committee to help spark patriotism to all communities
that they never forget that we distinctively American, united under one flag, the American flag, with committees designed to take care of our Vets and never forget them, to love our leader God, to vote our rights, to display our American Flag and show respect and honor it by retiring it properly, and show our communities what patriotism is all about.

God Bless you All! God Bless our veterans both young and elderly! God bless our beloved Country, America!

Fraternally and Respectfully,
Tom Tuttle- State Elks Americanism Chairman