Americanism Message October 2011

There is a saying in the business world when a business starts failing after many years of success! “Go back to what got you there” In understanding this saying, many businesses were successful because while they were small, they took care of the details such as understanding the word trust. If they promised something to a customer, they made sure it was done on time. When they grew and expanded they forgot some of those details. There was a time a hand shake was as good as a contract. I can relate to a relative of mine who was on a trip in the thirties and after traveling 100 miles out of town, turn the car around and drove back because he had promised a man he would pay him on that day. He then resumed his trip! In our world today being accountable for what we commit to is a very important trust which must be accomplished if we are going to be successful. As Elks, we must always display this image of trust!

Our new Americanism Essay theme is “Why I am proud to Pledge Allegiance to our Flag” It will be interesting to read these thoughts from our new young leaders! How many of us have an understanding of the words being pledged?

In our own ritual to be an Elk, how many of us understand our pledge taken in the Obligation? In our fast pace world, let us take the time to evaluate the promises and pledges we make to others! It’s just plain good business! God Bless You All! God Bless our Veterans! God Bless America!

Tom Tuttle- Americanism Chairman