Americanism Message June 2011

In the 18th Century, our forefathers created a new government in which all men by the Declaration of Independence are created Equal. They had lived under the rule of a monarchy and wanted to be free to choose the laws, their people who governed them, worship with out persecution, and many other rights to live a free life. As a new government, they established a new flag in which we have for over two hundred years used as our symbol for a free country. The new country abolished the symbol of their old country, the British flag as it no longer was their flag or represented their new country. When new citizens come to our country seeking a new life and pledging The United States as their new country, they no longer can pay allegiance to their old country or the old countries flag, as they are no longer, by their own choice, a member of that country. They and other members of this country have one symbol in which to pledge and that is the American Flag. There is House Joint Resolution 13 before Congress that prohibits physical desecration of the Fag of the United States. We must show pride in our flag and make sure that it is protected. There are proper ways to retire a flag with respect!

On June 14th, Flag Day, there is a special program that is beautiful and respectful showing the history of our flag and the military flags. It is at 7:00 pm at the Veterans Hospital. I urge you all to see this event. In the State of Idaho, other Elks Lodges are conducting similar programs. Please seek out a Lodge in your area, to enjoy this event.

God Bless You!
God Bless America!
Tom Tuttle - Americanism State Chairman