Americanism Message January 2012

A time to remember & feel blessed. As we ended the old year & begin the new think about our past blessings and perhaps keep that thought all the way through the New Year. I viewed the nativity story in December. The things Mary & Joseph had to go through with Mary being an unwed mother being shunned by the customs of the times almost to the point of being stoned. Traveling to Bethlehem, a long journey in very crude travel settings and delivering Christ.

Viewing Pearl Harbor & the sacrifices made by our now veterans. Viewing 9/11 an event which showed our vulnerability in a world which has grown smaller due to fast moving technology & the lives of firemen & citizens who risked them to save the people in the disaster. In reading world news, note the dictators in power & the inhumane treatment of a massive amount of people due to power & greed. We must be thankful that we have a different form of representation, we must be thankful that we have a God in heaven to protect us, we must be thankful that we have young men & women out there standing watch, to protect us from harm. We have a lot to be thankful.

Let’s acknowledge that thankfulness by supporting our vets, showing our respect to God, voting to choose the proper people to represent us and never forget the sacrifices made for all of us.

God Bless you All!
Tom Tuttle- Americanism Chairman