Americanism Message August 2011

My Fellow Americans,

Happy Birthday America! It is hard to fathom that our country is only 235 years old! As we look at our country today, so much has been accomplished in such a short of time. Our founding fathers started everything rolling with discontent on how they were being governed, with no say in the laws being enacted to govern them. At first it was just discontent with no real desire to be an independent government, but as time went on in their quest to right their freedoms, they realized that they actual wanted their own independent country where they could select their own leaders, worship in their own ways, be able to raise their families in their own way, be able to control their own destinies. We could do this without being afraid! We could do this because we had a Constitution and Bill of Rights giving us the ability to functions with out fear of persecution. Having the independence to work under these conditions, our country built a great country which went from a colony to a government unmatched by any other government and a leader to the world. For years we were an isolated country which made us feel very secure but as the world changed, with travel so much more advanced, so did our isolationism where outside forces became a threat. We observed this on Pearl Harbor Day and 9/11. These were wakeup calls which had real affects on our lives! During 9/11 people once again took time out from their busy lives to unite as a nation in protecting the rights of each other. They went to work in building back what was destroyed, their patriotism became stronger, they cried out in prayer to our greatest leader God for his protection. As our founding fathers found the strength and wisdom to overcome their fears, so must we as current Americans take time out to overcome our fears and reach out to keep our freedoms. We cannot wait for a wake up call but must make our quest to keep our independents a daily desire. The Elks have always practiced this form of desire, they have made sure our flag was the United states flag, they have put forth fundraisers in times of crisis, they practice their believe in God, and they are a proactive organization in accomplishing what must be done to keep our country safe and strong. Be Proud to Be An Elk! Be Proud to Be an American!

God Bless you all! God Bless America!
Tom Tuttle- Americanism State Chairman