Elks National Foundation Grants


  • For ongoing, Elks-led, charitable activities.
  • $2,000 grants available to every Lodge.


  • For addressing local needs.
  • $2,000 grants available to Lodges that meet the GER’s per-member-giving goal.


  • For youth activities.
  • $2,000 grants available to the first 500 Lodges that apply with a qualifying project.


  • For large scale, Elks-run service projects.
  • Competitive grants of up to $10,000 for projects with significant Elk involvement and community presence.


  • For harnessing local support.
  • Enable local businesses to donate to a specific Lodge charitable project through a restricted monetary gift to the ENF.

Idaho State Major Project:
Advancing Rehab in Idaho

Community Rehab Grants

These grants fund rehab projects that help make communities more healthy and accessible. Projects could include building an accessible trail or a ramp for a fishing dock, installing an automatic door at a senior center, or helping fund a wheelchair-accessible van.

Idaho Elks Rehab Local Lodge Grants

Idaho Elks Rehab Local Lodge Grants are intended to help local lodges address some unmet physical rehabilitation need in their community. They offer your lodge an opportunity to make a significant and meaningful difference in their community through an Elks-sponsored project.

Rehab Medicine Grants

These grants are awarded to rehab providers, universities, or other nonprofit organizations like cities or counties. Monies can be used to purchase capital rehab equipment, offer continuing education to rehab professionals, provide rehab-related community education, or fund research.

Idaho's Grants

During the 2013-14 Lodge year, the Elks of Idaho donated $36,781.90 to the Elks National Foundation. This year, the Foundation will give back the following:

Grants Value
State Charities Grant $22,930
Special Projects Grant $16,390
Bonus Grant $5,450
Most Valuable Student $12,000
Legacy Award $12,000
National Veterans Service Commission $6,300
Grand Total $75,070

That's a ratio of 2.041 for every dollar the Foundation received from your state last year. And that doesn't even include the money Lodges in your state will get back through our Community Investments Program.

“The Elks have helped and encouraged me throughout the Hoop Shoot. Without the ENF, none of this would be possible.”

Zach Mackimmie, 2013 Hoop Shoot National Finalist
Sponsored by Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Lodge No. 1254

“Our Lodge’s grant project was extremely successful. The Elks took great pride in > serving others in the community.”

Wayne Krauss
2013 Community Investments Program Beacon Grant Project Manager
Moscow, Idaho, Lodge No. 249


2013 Moscow Lodge promise grant. Click here to download